Goji Juice Vs. Dried Goji Berries: Making The Comparison

By Ray Subs

Goji berries have been known to have a positive impact on everything from your liver to your circulation to your immune system. As more becomes understood about the positive health benefits provided by the Goji berry, more and more people are deciding to make them a part of their overall diet and nutrition. The question that plagues most people, though, is ‘Which form of Goji berries is best for me – dried Goji berries or Goji juice?’ It may be confusing trying to figure out how to maximize the health benefits of Goji berries if you have just decided to make them a part of your lifestyle.

One of the main things that you might first notice is that Goji berries are more than not available in one of two forms – either dried Goji berries or Goji juice. And really, there is no reason to worry about which will benefit you most health wise, as both forms of Goji berries pack a powerfully healthy punch and are an excellent addition to a healthy diet. In the end, your choice will mainly be a matter of which form you prefer.

So, knowing this, how do you go about selecting the best form of Goji berries for yourself? Well, the easiest way to accomplish this is by considering the different aspects of each. If you like to travel or if you spend a lot of time away from home, then you might find that dried Goji berries are the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Just put a couple handfuls in a snack bag and you will always have this healthy snack on hand. If you get tired of eating the berries plain, try being a little innovative. Mix some in with your cereal, your yogurt, or even make your own trail mix. It is extremely easy to tuck away your dried Goji berries in a knapsack or purse. Plus, with dried Goji berries, you do not have to be concerned about consuming unwanted chemicals, such as preservatives, dyes or other additives that some brands of Goji juice contain.

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On the other hand, maybe you do not like the slightly bitter taste of dried Goji berries. In this case, you may prefer to obtain your healthy benefits in the form of Goji juice. For some people, it is just easier to grab a glass of Goji juice in the morning with breakfast or as afternoon refreshment. Just as with dried Goji berries, Goji juice allows you to explore your creative side. Feel free to mix it with other fruit juices and make your own juice cocktails. With this method, you not only get the health benefits of Goji berries, but of other fruits as well.

In the end, your personal preferences will dictate which form of Goji berries is best for you. You may even decide to alternate between the two forms to ensure that boredom is never a problem. Just remember, the main thing is to be sure to make Goji berries a part of your diet and lifestyle.

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St. Edwards University, Texas evacuated due to bomb threat

St. Edwards University, Texas evacuated due to bomb threat

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

St. Edwards University in Austin has been evacuated after a non-specific bomb threat note was found by a staff member. Students are asked not to come on campus, and classes have been cancelled until 5 PM. This is according to a public relations officer for the school and the St. Edwards web site. The message on the website reads,

St. Edward’s Classes Cancelled Until 5.p.m.Due to a non-specific bomb threat, all day classes are cancelled. Classes will resume as schedule at 5 p.m. Please check your University email and/or University Web Site for further updates.

Around noon police had completed an evacuation, secured the campus and begun searching buildings. As police completed the search of dormitory buildings, students were being allowed to return. University spokesperson, Mischelle Amador, indicated that the precautions taken were in no way related to or influenced by yesterday’s Virginia Tech shootings.

Brazilian news agency using free software for multimedia broadcasting

Brazilian news agency using free software for multimedia broadcasting

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Brazilian government news agency Agencia Brasil, or Radiobras, says that it is transmitting audio and video through the internet using free software. Proprietary software like Windows Media Player is not necessary to watch or hear the radio and TV transmissions.

According to Diogos Gonzaga, from Agencia Brasil technology division, the agency is using the following software: Icecast for the Ogg Vorbis codec radio transmissions and the Ogg Theora codec for the video ones.

The user who wants to hear Brazilian radio transmissions can select among the following stations from Agencia Brasil: the National Radio(AM), the National Radio (FM), the National Radio from Rio de Janeiro or the National Radio from Amazon. TV transmissions can be watched by the NBR TV channel.

Agencia Brasil started the change to free software in 2003.

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs may work for Facebook

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs may work for Facebook

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robert Gibbs, the former press secretary for the U.S. White House, has been said to be in talks with Facebook about possible future employment as a manager for the communications aspect of the company.

According to an anonymous source close to the company, Gibbs is being pressed to quickly accept the job, in which Mr. Gibbs may receive millions of dollars in both salary and initial stock options for a planned public offering of Facebook Inc. in 2012.

Both Facebook and Gibbs have declined to comment.

Mr. Gibbs, who has worked for the Obama administration for two years, left in February 2011, and was reportedly “relaxing” and had denied rumors that he was planning to campaign for chairman of the Democratic National Committee if Tim Kaine were to leave the committee to run for a position in the senate.

In recent months, Facebook has stepped up lobbying the US capital to communicate its public image to policy makers, and may use Gibbs for their public relations stratagem in the future.

Major Factors To Be Considered When Creating A Web Design

By John Schofield

Creating a web design is just like creating any other artwork that requires good arrangement and use of colours, text, and symmetry to work. The first rule to be followed in creating layouts for a web page is to make the site easy to read. This means using proper combinations of colours, backgrounds, foregrounds and choosing the typeface of the font to be used. Do not use dark backgrounds that can obscure the text. In creating a web design, the perfect combination is to have dark-coloured text on a light-coloured background for easy reading.

As for using typefaces, do not select too fancy fonts because they are hard to read. Also use appropriate font size on the texts in the web page. Using capitalized letters to give emphasis should be avoided because this gives the impression that the Webmaster is shouting at his readers. For parts that need to be highlighted, simply put them on bold or make their font size a little bigger than the normal texts. Moreover, in aligning texts, strictly keep the paragraphs lined to the left, not centred or justified. Centred text is best used for headlines and headings while justified blocks may seem too rigid if used in a web layout.

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Besides from making sure that the web design looks good, it is also important to make the page easy to navigate and find. The myth ‘Build a website and visitors shall come’ is a mere hoax because people will not certainly visit web sites on their own. Just like any other products, web sites also need advertising and need recommendation from other people to attract visitors. Promotion in the Internet can be done via directories, banner advertising, search engines, and having links from other web sites. Aside from making the web site easy to find, the contact information of the web master should also always be available in case there are some visitors who need to ask some things about the products or services. The contact information of the web master readily available in the site should be comprised of his physical address, fax number, e-mail address, and telephone numbers.

Another important factor to follow is to make sure that the web site has an access for quick downloading. According to studies on web pages, visitors quickly lose their interest on web sites that take more than 15 seconds to download things. For websites taking a little longer to download, putting a warning on top of the page can lengthen the visitors’ patience. Other tricks that can be applied are adding some animations on the site that can catch the eyes of the visitors for a couple of seconds. Using animations can be a little tricky, however, because they are usually large files, they can also lengthen the download time. Thus, before using these elements, it is important to test the download time of the web page first to see if it can accommodate added animations. Creating a web design is not far from creating any product. You just have to build interesting things about it and give people what they want and there you have the visitors. The only issue now is how to sustain their interest and you would know that if you have good customer service assistance on your web page.

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Charles Clarke loses Home Secretary position in Cabinet reshuffle, UK

Charles Clarke loses Home Secretary position in Cabinet reshuffle, UK
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Friday, May 5, 2006

The United Kingdom Home Secretary Charles Clarke has lost his position in a Cabinet reshuffle by Tony Blair, on the morning after the Labour Party suffered losses in local elections across England. The news follows two weeks of headlines caused by the release of over 1000 foreign prisoners mistakenly released from prison at the end of their sentence rather than being deported.

Current Defence Secretary John Reid will replace Clarke as the new Home Secretary, and Jack Straw will become Commons leader.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks showcase new uniform

NHL: Vancouver Canucks showcase new uniform
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Vancouver Canucks, hockey team to Vancouver, British Columbia, unveiled it’s new home and away uniforms today. Keeping the trade-mark Orca, the jersey has remixed the colors as well as adding a green stripe for both the home and away uniforms. This is the 5th jersey the team has gone through since 1970 when the team was founded.

The redesign has been met with some criticisms. John Carter a graphics arts instructor at a local college was quoted as calling the redesign an “utter disappointment.”

The design uses the same core colors in the original design, and on the back it also has their original jersey’s hockey stick symbol. The president and CEO of the Canucks, Chris Zimmerman, recognizes this saying, “Our goal when we set out was to celebrate our heritage and to design a sweater that reflects our extraordinary city and province. “We wanted to unveil a sweater that reflects our past and our future.” Zimmerman also went on to say the design represents, “who we are and the connection to the community.”

Volcano eruption in Ecuador kills six and destroys several small villages

Volcano eruption in Ecuador kills six and destroys several small villages
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The eruption of volcano Tungurahua on August 16 destroyed several small villages in the Ecuadorian Andes. At least 6 people have been killed and about 4000 residents of the affected area have been evacuated.

The 5,023 m high volcano spat lava, stones and ash for several hours on Wednesday night. A 10km high ash cloud spread over an area of 740 by 180 km. Towns like Ambato or Riobamba, 30 km away from the volcano have been covered with up to 5cm of ash. Pyroclastic flows descending on the northwestern slopes of the volcano left a path of destruction behind.

At least seven small villages and hamlets have been completely destroyed. The ash and rocks blocked the Chambo and the Peula river and the road Ambato – Baños, one of the main connections between the Ecuadorian highlands and the Amazon region. The Institute for Geophysics has lost an important part of its equipment installed on the slopes of Tungurahua, limiting their capability to monitor the volcanic activity.

The Hydroelectric power plant Agoyan near Baños has been shut down since Wednesday night. On Thursday, air traffic in the whole country was limited due to ash layers on several airports. On Thursday the provinces of Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Cotopaxi and Bolivar have been declared a disaster area. Losses in agriculture due to the ash cover are estimated at $150 Million.

On Friday, volcanic activity decreased to a calm that remained into Saturday evening, but the Ecuadorian Institute for Geophysics warns that a further eruption may be imminent.

In 1999, after a long period of rest, the volcano started an eruptive process that continues to this day. After the first eruptions in October 1999 that produced a major ash out-fall and led to the temporary evacuation of more than 25,000 inhabitants of Baños and its surroundings, the activity continued on a medium level. In May 2006 it increased dramatically culminating in violent eruptions on July 14 and August 16.

Tips And Tricks In Promoting Products And Services

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By Mabel Miles

Have you ever thought why some of the marketing plans of companies fail? Have you ever wondered why they cannot market their products effectively despite their effective business plans?

At present, there are small and big companies which failed no matter how good their plans are. Success does not depend alone on the black and white plans you have, but you need to execute it effectively to reap the fruits of success.

Some companies failed because they did not market their merchandise and services effectively. If your business enterprise lacks the skills in marketing your brand, your business and your image, then you have little chances for corporate survival. Because of these scenarios, it is best that companies should plan and prepare things effectively before taking steps in marketing their items and brand.

Remember that your marketing plan can either make or break your company and brand.

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These are practical guidelines in imposing effective marketing plans:

1. Customers and Products – You should know the needs and wants of your target niche so you can find what suitable products are best for them. Some entrepreneurs believed that effective marketing is selling their products and services to anyone. They are wrong because to become effective, they should know their customers’ needs and wants first. Would you expect a customer to buy a certain product if he does not need it? If this is the case, then you should take time to determine their needs and wants. Your sales and marketing personnel should relate to your target audience and they should assess what your customers like, what are their activities and the different age bracket they belong. By knowing these data, you can develop an effective and efficient business plan on how to influence and how to deal with clients effectively.

2. Customers – You should construct your customer database and network. Once you know their needs and wants, you will move further to plan ways on how to meet them. To avoid missing opportunities, you should establish strong relationship with your target clients, which is one way of building your customer database. You can use the information to inform your clients about your latest merchandises and services. Bear in mind that loyal customers are those who like business enterprises who communicate with them and who care for them regularly.

3. Marketing strategies – You should be creative with your marketing tactics and your marketing materials. To get their attention and loyalty, you can implement incentive programs, promotions, discounts and rebates. When giving promotional items, make sure that these items are not only beautiful, but they should also be functional and made from quality materials. At present, there are lots of promotional items to choose from like tote bags, coffee mugs, gift vouchers and t-shirts. It is also important for you to use marketing collaterals like business cards, envelopes and letterheads. Be sure that these collaterals are presentable and made from quality materials and should also be of excellent printing quality. You should also ensure that company name, brand, logo and contact number are printed on them.

The suggestions mentioned above will help you in promoting your products effectively.

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Apple unveils new iPods, Apple TV; updates iOS, iTunes

Apple unveils new iPods, Apple TV; updates iOS, iTunes
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

In a music-themed media event yesterday, Apple Inc. unveiled three new iPod portable music players, as well as an upgraded Apple TV system. Apple also announced updates for its iTunes software and iOS mobile operating system.

The annual event started at 10 a.m. PDT (1700 UTC) in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who led yesterday’s keynote speech at the event, was dressed in his typical black long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. He began by discussing new international Apple Stores, an update to the company’s iOS mobile operating system, and the release of a new gaming app, Game Center. Jobs then turned his attention to what he called the “entrée” of the day.

Apple will release new versions of its iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch lines next week in what Jobs called “the biggest change in the iPod line ever.” The iPod Shuffle’s VoiceOver capabilities have been extended to playlists, meaning that it will now be able to read off the names of songs, artists, and playlists. The new device is priced at US$49.

Jobs also showed off the company’s new iPod Nano. The Nano, now smaller and without a click wheel, features a new multi-touch screen that allows users to touch virtual buttons to control the device. The new design is 42 percent lighter and 46 percent smaller, but still includes functions on previous Nanos, such as an FM radio and a pedometer. The 8 GB version will cost US$149, while the 16 GB version will be priced at US$179.

Jobs announced an updated iPod Touch as well, an announcement that had been widely expected for some time. The new, thinner Touch has been upgraded with features matching some already on the company’s recently-released iPhone 4, including the high-resolution “Retina” display and dual video cameras. One camera, located on the back the of the iPod Touch, is for recording video, while the other camera, located on the front, is for use with Apple’s FaceTime video calling program. FaceTime allows users of the latest iPhone and iPod Touch models to conduct video chats with each other over Wi-Fi networks. The iPod Touch starts at US$229 for a 8 GB model, US$299 for 32 GB, and US$399 for 64 GB.

Another major product refresh unveiled yesterday was the Apple TV. The digital media receiver was first released in 2007, but was never very popular. Jobs even admitted that, although Apple has “sold a lot of them, they’ve never been a huge hit.” The US$99 second-generation Apple TV is both smaller and cheaper than its predecessor, which was priced at US$229. The new version will let consumers stream content from online sources, including Netflix, and rent both movies and television shows. Apple has made a deal with Fox and ABC to let users rent episodes of shows for 99¢, instead of buying programs. “We think the rest of the studios will see the light and get on board with this pretty fast,” added Jobs. High-definition movies can be rented for US$4.99, and the new Apple TV will be available for purchase in around four weeks.

Among the less-hyped updates was one to AirPlay, previously named AirTunes. AirPlay lets users stream music, photos, and videos from iOS devices to other Wi-Fi-enabled systems. AirPlay would let a video on an iPad be played on a television via Apple TV.

Along with an iOS update came one for Apple’s online music store application, iTunes. The biggest news involving iTunes 10, which is available for download now, is Apple’s new music-based social network, Ping. “It is sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes,” described Jobs. “It is not Facebook. It is not Twitter. It is something else we’ve come up with. It’s all about music.” Built into iTunes, Ping allows a user to follow both friends and artists to find new music and concert tours, and anyone with an iTunes account will be able to access Ping upon updating to iTunes 10. Ping will have settings for privacy as well, giving users the option to approve followers. Jobs also introduced a new iTunes logo, which does not include an image of a CD on it because music sales on iTunes are expected to overtake CD sales soon.

Jobs concluded the event by bringing out Chris Martin, a member of the award-winning band Coldplay. Martin, who played a few songs on the piano, including the hit song “Yellow,” jokingly called his performance “the toughest closing gig I’ve ever had.”

Although many of yesterday’s announcements had been predicted ahead of time, some had speculated that Apple would go even further. Apple defied expectations of a new cloud-based music service. They also did not extend the amount of time a buyer could sample music on iTunes, as some had guessed.