How To Choose The Right Baby Stroller}

Submitted by: Stanley Middleton

A baby stroller is a must for people traveling with infants. Aside from the safety measure, baby strollers make traveling so much more comfortable for both the infant and the parent. However, with the wide selection of sizes, designs and features sold out in the market today, shopping for that perfect stroller can be a challenge. So if you need help, read on and know the things to keep in mind when buying a stroller for your infant.

Safety First

This should always be one of your top priorities when shopping for baby strollers or any kind of infant equipment for that matter. Find a stroller with durable and stable frame. Check the maximum amount of weight that it can carry and see to it that your baby falls safely within those limits. Pick a design that can still remain upright even with a fully packed diaper bag stashed inside its storage compartment. For infants, look for strollers with a 5-point harness that can hold your baby safely in place. And lastly, check the stroller for sharp edges and small removable parts that can pose a danger to babies.


Comfort is another very important feature to look for when buying strollers. The biggest concern is to find a soft, durable cloth material that is gentle enough for your baby’s sensitive skin. If possible, look for materials that do not store in too much dust and dirt. Aside from that, make sure that the harness is soft and well-padded as well.

Stroller Handles and Wheels

The length of the stroller (which includes the wheels and the handles) should be at a comfortable height. So when you spot a good design, have it assembled first and walk around with it before you decide to purchase the item. There are now strollers with adjustable/extendable handles made especially for taller parents. For the wheels, make sure that they have durable and sturdy breaks. Again, walk around the store, through sharp corners to see if they turn as smoothly as they should.


Apart from safety and comfort, convenience should be an important factor as well. Find strollers with extra storage spaces where you can put your diaper bags, drinks or your baby’s toys. But if you have trouble finding all of these in one single stroller, don’t worry because plenty of these accessories are sold separately so you can easily buy them later on. And find a good foldable piece that will not take up too much trunk space.


Make sure that the entire frame is not too heavy since you’ll be carrying them around as you travel. There are now plenty of strollers that are made up of lightweight but very durable material so you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. These strollers can weigh less than 20 pounds and you won’t have that much difficulty bringing them along.

So there you have it: things to keep in mind when buying the most travel-friendly strollers for your babies. So keep these things in mind the next time you go out shopping for your baby’s stroller.

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Cold as ice: Wikinews interviews Marymegan Daly on unusual new sea anemone

Cold as ice: Wikinews interviews Marymegan Daly on unusual new sea anemone

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In late 2010 a geological expedition to Antarctica drilled through the Ross Ice Shelf so they could send an ROV under it. What they found was unexpected: Sea anemones. In their thousands they were doing what no other species of sea anemone is known to do — they were living in the ice itself.

Discovered by the ANDRILL [Antarctic Drilling] project, the team was so unprepared for biological discoveries they did not have suitable preservatives and the only chemicals available obliterated the creature’s DNA. Nonetheless Marymegan Daly of Ohio State University confirmed the animals were a new species. Named Edwardsiella andrillae after the drilling project that found it, the anemone was finally described in a PLOS ONE paper last month.

ANDRILL lowered their cylindrical camera ROV down a freshly-bored 270m (890ft) hole, enabling it to reach seawater below the ice. The device was merely being tested ahead of its planned mission retrieving data on ocean currents and the sub-ice environment. Instead it found what ANDRILL director Frank Rack of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, a co-author of the paper describing the find, called the “total serendipity” of “a whole new ecosystem that no one had ever seen before”.

The discovery raises many questions. Burrowing sea anemones worm their way into substrates or use their tentacles to dig, but it’s unclear how E. andrillae enters the hard ice. With only their tentacles protruding into the water from the underneath of the ice shelf questions also revolve around how the animals avoid freezing, how they reproduce, and how they cope with the continuously melting nature of their home. Their diet is also a mystery.

What fascinates me about sea anemones is that they’re able to do things that seem impossible

E. andrillae is an opaque white, with an inner ring of eight tentacles and twelve-to-sixteen tentacles in an outer ring. The ROV’s lights produced an orange glow from the creatures, although this may be produced by their food. It measures 16–20mm (0.6–0.8in) but when fully relaxed can extend to triple that.

Genetic analysis being impossible, Daly turned to dissection of the specimens but could find nothing out of the ordinary. Scientists hope to send a biological mission to explore the area under the massive ice sheet, which is in excess of 600 miles (970km) wide. The cameras also observed worms, fish that swim inverted as if the icy roof was the sea floor, crustaceans and a cylindrical creature that used appendages on its ends to move and to grab hold of the anemones.

NASA is providing funding to aid further research, owing to possible similarities between this icy realm and Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Biological research is planned for 2015. An application for funding to the U.S. National Science Foundation, which funds ANDRILL, is also pending.

The ANDRILL team almost failed to get any samples at all. Designed to examine the seafloor, the ROV had to be inverted to examine the roof of ice. Weather conditions prevented biological sampling equipment being delivered from McMurdo Station, but the scientists retrieved 20–30 anemones by using hot water to stun them before sucking them from their burrows with an improvised device fashioned from a coffee filter and a spare ROV thruster. Preserved on-site in ethanol, they were taken to McMurdo station where some were further preserved with formaldehyde.

((Wikinews)) How did you come to be involved with this discovery?

Marymegan Daly: Frank Rack got in touch after they returned from Antarctica in hopes that I could help with an identification on the anemone.

((Wikinews)) What was your first reaction upon learning there was an undiscovered ecosystem under the ice in the Ross Sea?

MD I was amazed and really excited. I think to say it was unexpected is inaccurate, because it implies that there was a well-founded expectation of something. The technology that Frank and his colleagues are using to explore the ice is so important because, given our lack of data, we have no reasonable expectation of what it should be like, or what it shouldn’t be like.

((Wikinews)) There’s a return trip planned hopefully for 2015, with both biologists and ANDRILL geologists. Are you intending to go there yourself?

MD I would love to. But I am also happy to not go, as long as someone collects more animals on my behalf! What I want to do with the animals requires new material preserved in diverse ways, but it doesn’t require me to be there. Although I am sure that being there would enhance my understanding of the animals and the system in which they live, and would help me formulate more and better questions about the anemones, ship time is expensive, especially in Antarctica, and if there are biologists whose contribution is predicated on being there, they should have priority to be there.

((Wikinews)) These animals are shrouded in mystery. Some of the most intriguing questions are chemical; do they produce some kind of antifreeze, and is that orange glow in the ROV lights their own? Talk us through the difficulties encountered when trying to find answers with the specimens on hand.

MD The samples we have are small in terms of numbers and they are all preserved in formalin (a kind of formaldehyde solution). The formalin is great for preserving structures, but for anemones, it prevents study of DNA or of the chemistry of the body. This means we can’t look at the issue you raise with these animals. What we could do, however, was to study anatomy and figure out what it is, so that when we have samples preserved for studying e.g., the genome, transcriptome, or metabolome, or conduct tests of the fluid in the burrows or in the animals themselves, we can make precise comparisons, and figure out what these animals have or do (metabolically or chemically) that lets them live where they live.
Just knowing a whole lot about a single species isn’t very useful, even if that animal is as special as these clearly are — we need to know what about them is different and thus related to living in this strange way. The only way to get at what’s different is to make comparisons with close relatives. We can start that side of the work now, anticipating having more beasts in the future.
In terms of their glow, I suspect that it’s not theirs — although luminescence is common in anemone relatives, they don’t usually make light themselves. They do make a host of florescent proteins, and these may interact with the light of the ROV to give that gorgeous glow.

((Wikinews)) What analysis did you perform on the specimens and what equipment was used?

MD I used a dissecting scope to look at the animal’s external anatomy and overall body organization (magnification of 60X). I embedded a few of the animals in wax and then cut them into very thin slices using a microtome, mounted the slices on microscope slides, stained the slices to enhance contrast, and then looked at those slides under a compound microscope (that’s how I got the pictures of the muscles etc in the paper). I used that same compound scope to look at squashed bits of tissue to see the stinging capsules (=nematocysts).
I compared the things I saw under the ‘scopes to what had been published on other species in this group. This step seems trivial, but it is really the most important part! By comparing my observations to what my colleagues and predecessors had found, I figured out what group it belongs to, and was able to determine that within that group, it was a new species.

((Wikinews)) It was three years between recovery of specimens and final publication, why did it take so long?

MD You mean, how did we manage to make it all happen so quickly, right? 🙂 It was about two years from when Frank sent me specimens to when we got the paper out. Some of that time was just lost time — I had other projects in the queue that I needed to finish. Once we figured out what it was, we played a lot of manuscript email tag, which can be challenging and time consuming given the differing schedules that folks keep in terms of travel, field work, etc. Manuscript review and processing took about four months.

((Wikinews)) What sort of difficulties were posed by the unorthodox preservatives used, and what additional work might be possible on a specimen with intact DNA?

MD The preservation was not unorthodox — they followed best practices for anatomical preservation. Having DNA-suitable material will let us see whether there are new genes, or genes turned on in different ways and at different times that help explain how these animals burrow into hard ice and then survive in the cold. I am curious about the population structure of the “fields” of anemones — the group to which Edwardsiella andrillae belongs includes many species that reproduce asexually, and it’s possible that the fields are “clones” produced asexually rather than the result of sexual reproduction. DNA is the only way to test this.

((Wikinews)) Do you have any theories about the strategies employed to cope with the harsh environment of burrowing inside an ice shelf?

MD I think there must be some kind of antifreeze produced — the cells in contact with ice would otherwise freeze.

((Wikinews)) How has such an apparently large population of clearly unusual sea anemones, not to mention the other creatures caught on camera, gone undetected for so long?

MD I think this reflects how difficult it is to get under the ice and to collect specimens. That being said, since the paper came out, I have been pointed towards two other reports that are probably records of these species: one from Japanese scientists who looked at footage from cameras attached to seals and one from Americans who dove under ice. In both of these cases, the anemone (if that’s what they saw) was seen at a distance, and no specimens were collected. Without the animals in hand, or the capability of a ROV to get close up for pictures, it is hard to know what has been seen, and lacking a definitive ID, hard to have the finding appropriately indexed or contextualized.

((Wikinews)) Would it be fair to say this suggests there may be other undiscovered species of sea anemone that burrow into hard substrates such as ice?

MD I hope so! What fascinates me about sea anemones is that they’re able to do things that seem impossible given their seemingly limited toolkit. This finding certainly expands the realm of possible.

Unique Gift Ideas For 5 Occasions}

Unique Gift Ideas for 5 Occasions


jon stuard

Wedding is an auspicious ceremony that binds two different individuals in a wedlock. The vows and promises that the couple take make this wedding a lifetime commitment . Two different individuals begin a new journey of life together through sharing their happiness and sorrows. These beautiful emotions, unbreakable promises all together make this wedlock day an important day in every couple’s life. Couples may not be able to remember all those moments due to their day-today busy life. Therefore this day of wedding anniversary is one great time to remember and renew their vows and promises. And the importances of the day enhances specially if that is a golden anniversary. The 50 long years of togetherness is certainly a cause for any couple to celebrate. The couple celebrating their 50th anniversary prefers to share their joy with their close ones rather than celebrating alone. This is the best time to express the joy and gratitude to such an couple by showering them with beautiful 50th wedding anniversary gifts. If you are one of the lucky one to get an opportunity to attend such an important event, it becomes necessary for you to purchase some thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gifts for the couple.

The 50th marriage anniversary is recognized as one of the main milestone in any couples’ life. This event is usually celebrated by arranging a grand party to celebrate the joy with family and friends and also with good 50th wedding anniversary gifts. After all, being with a person for half of the life surely deserves a good party with thoughtful and unforgettable 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

If individuals know any couple who are celbrating their 50th marriage anniversary, it is not really vital for them to purchase any gift made of gold. Individuals can easily buy them any present with a golden theme, or they can opt for presenting beautiful flowers which represent 50 years of wedding. Violet is a flower that represents 50 years of togetherness. Therefore individuals can easily make an attractive bouquets that is finished with gold ribbon and present any couple as their 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Flower bouquet can alaos be a great option to present any couple as their 45th wedding anniversary gift.

Among other attractive 50th wedding anniversary gifts noteworthy are golden anniversary photo frames. They are truly elegant to look at. Displaying the pictures of their beautiful moments will get much easier with such an golden anniversary picture frame. The couple can easily display their wedding or anniversary pictures on such frames. These frames are obtainable in varieties of designs and several of them are finished off with pleasing touches of gold that makes them absolutely stunning 50th marriage anniversary gifts. Individuals can even buy a ‘then and now’ picture frames. These picture frames will definitely be indeed unforgettable present for the couple. Other than picture frames golden jeweleries, anniversary plates, naming a star etc can also be great 50th wedding anniversary gifts . Web is the best place to shop for these 50th marriage anniversary gifts. 45th wedding anniversary gift options include couple spa certificates, home decor items, picture cases, and many more other items. Whatever be the occasion you are buying the present for make sure to consider the likes and dislikes of the couple.

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Are You Pushing Your Ex Further Away? Reverse Your Break Up!}

Submitted by: Anthony Malibu

Learning how to get back an ex girlfriend is tough. Most people figure it out through trial and error, and end up losing a potential soulmate because they don’t know the right moves to make (or the wrong moves to avoid). If you’re trying to win back your ex, this guide will show you why everything you’ve been doing so far is probably wrong.

Want to win back your exgirlfriend? If everything you’ve been trying so far hasn’t worked, chances are you’re actually doing the opposite of what you should be. The problem is this: the feelings you get after breaking up (hurt, loneliness, longing to express your love for your ex) cause you to do things that are all counterproductive to the correct moves. And when I say correct, I mean the moves that will actually get her back. Let me show you two examples:

Example #1: The Wrong Way

Mike’s girlfriend breaks up with him. The first thing he does is beg her not to do it. She does it anyway, and then pulls awkwardly away from him. Mike goes home and mourns the relationship for the first day or so, locking himself in his room. The next day he calls his ex, trying to talk her out of ending the relationship. She refuses, but pacifies him on the phone with the “let’s be friends” speech. He takes this as a good sign, thinking if he can remain close to her he can get his ex back. So Mike makes friendly calls. He sends text-messages. He shoots his exgirlfriend daily emails, just to say “what’s up?”.

Over time, Mike’s ex-girlfriend gets annoyed by all the contact. It feels awkward to talk to him knowing that he wants her back. As much as she doesn’t want to hurt him, she knows that the constant communication is giving him the wrong idea. So she begins scaling back on it, and it becomes harder and harder to reach her. Reacting to the feeling of “losing her”, Mike starts taking desperate measures. He writes her long notes and drives over to leave them on her car… at work, school, or home. He sends her flowers, and tells her how much he loves her. He promises to change for her. None of these things work: all of them cause his ex to run in the opposite direction.

Example #2 – The Right Way

Now let’s look at Dave. His girlfriend breaks up with him also, even though he wants to continue dating her. But immediately after it happens, Dave agrees with her. “You’re right”, he nods. “This is probably the best thing for both of us, because it doesn’t seem to be working out”. Smiling and wishing her well, Dave walks away leaving his ex-girlfriend dumbstruck at what just happened. She’d expected him to be upset. She was prepared for him to try to talk her out of the break up, or let her know he still loved her. Instead, it almost seemed as if he was breaking up with


. His ex leaves feeling totally confused.

The next day Dave’s exgirlfriend expects to hear from him. By the time the day’s over, there are no missed calls. No emails, no text-messages… no contact whatsoever. Same thing for the next day, and the day after that. Dave’s ex begins wondering what he’s up to, where he’s at, and why he seems so completely unaffected by her breaking up with him. It’s astounding that he hasn’t at least tried to “fight for the relationship”. She starts putting feelers out, talking to friends, digging for information. A day or two later she hears that Dave’s out with friends, laughing it up, having a great time. He hasn’t asked anyone about her, he hasn’t even mentioned much about the break up at all.

Now, tell me: in which of these scenarios is the ex-girlfriend likely to re-initiate contact? Which of these ex’s is intrigued, causing their boyfriend to get back in her head? Most of all, which one is more likely to date their ex-boyfriend again? Exactly.

When it comes to getting an ex girlfriend back, Dave’s doing everything right, while Mike’s doing everything wrong. By following his heart and allowing it to rule his actions, Mike’s made some of the biggest blunders any guy could possibly make when it comes to making your ex want you back. He’s got no chance at reconciliation because he’s already shot himself in the foot. His ex might feel a little pity for him, but that’s certainly not an attractive trait girls look for in a man. She’s annoyed with him, and might even be a little bit scared. There’s no way she’ll want to contact or hear from Mike, because she knows any little thing she does can be construed by him as a sign that she wants to get back together.

Dave on the other hand, is in prime position. Although it might not seem like he cares, he wants his ex back very much. The difference is that Dave knows what NOT to do when trying to win back his girlfriend. He’s given her the space to miss him, and the time to wonder whether or not he’s moved on. His ex has to make a quick decision: do I want to continue the break up and risk losing him forever, or do I want to get back together again? Because to her, things are uncomfortable right now. It doesn’t look like Dave’s going to wait around. She might even be questioning whether she needs him more than he needs her, which is a huge step toward fixing the break up. And when she asks him back out? The whole thing will seem to be her own idea, instead of something orchestrated by her ex boyfriend.

Pushing your ex in the opposite direction is one of the best ways to lose them forever. If you’re looking to get back together with your ex, you need to know exactly the right moves to make. Moreover, you have to learn which moves NOT to make, in order to increase your chances of reconciliation. And the sooner you get started? The greater the chance you’ll succeed in getting back your girlfriend.

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Two teenagers charged in alleged school attack plot

Two teenagers charged in alleged school attack plot

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Two Long Island, New York teenagers, aged 15 and 17, have been charged for their alleged involvement in a suspected plot to attack their school next April, on the ninth anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting massacre.

The plot was uncovered when the 15-year-old suspect lost his journal at the McDonalds restaurant where he worked. The journal was found by a fellow classmate of the teenagers’ school, who quickly turned it over to school officials.

The journal is alleged to have outlined the teenagers’ plan to attack the school with guns and home-made bombs. The 15-year-old suspect’s home and computers were searched and evidence was collected, which revealed that he allegedly tried to purchase black powder explosives and machine guns over the Internet.

A video was also found in which the same teenager allegedly names some students and staff he would like to attack at the school. The 17-year-old was allegedly planning to aid in the attack on the school.

The two teens were arrested and held in Long Island jail on misdemeanor conspiracy, which is punishable by up to one year in prison. The 15-year-old will appear in juvenile court on Friday and the 17-year-old suspect is expected to plead not guilty at a hearing.

Canada’s York West (Ward 8) city council candidates speak

Canada’s York West (Ward 8) city council candidates speak
This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

Monday, October 30, 2006

On November 13, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is York West (Ward 8). One candidate responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include Hau Dang Tan, Garry Green, Peter Li Preti (incumbent), Abdulhaq Omar, Anthony Perruzza, and Ramnarine Tiwari.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.

“Junk” foods may affect aggressive behaviour and school performance

“Junk” foods may affect aggressive behaviour and school performance
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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Dr. Stephen Schoenthaler, a Professor of Criminal Justice at the California State University in Stanislaus, has long argued that there is a link between a healthy diet and decreased aggressive behaviour, as well as with increased IQ and school performance.

Dr. Schoenthaler is well-known for a youth detention center study where violations of house rules fell by 37% when vending machines were removed and the cafeteria replaced canned food by fresh alternatives. He summarizes his findings by saying that “Having a bad diet right now is a better predictor of future violence than past violent behaviour.” In a very large test, Schoenthaler directed a study in meals at 803 New York City schools, in low-income neighbourhoods, finding that the number of students passing final exams increased by 16%.

Critics have questioned some of Dr. Schoenthaler findings, due to the lack of placebo control groups. However, more recent work by Dr. Bernard Gesch, a physiologist at the University of Oxford, has placed some of the work on a more scientific footing. Dr. Gesch found that nutrition supplements produced a 26% drop in violations of prison rules over a placebo, and a 37% decrease in violent offences. The Netherlands has embarked on a wider scale dietary research program in 14 prisons.

The short term behaviour consequences of ingesting sugar are well understood: an initial burst on energy, followed a sugar low in which your body produces adrenalin, which makes you irritable and explosive. However, Schoenthaler and Gesch suggest that there are long term impacts over and above the short term consequences of blood sugar variations.

The Stylish Audi Cabriolet}

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Read An Opinion On:

Submitted by: Louis Rix

The Audi Cabriolet is one of the more stylish cars that come with amazing safety and performance features. One of the most sought after models is the A4 Cabriolet which comes fitted as standard with some amazing features often only found on models in the higher price range.

The A4 Audi Cabriolet model features Servotronic speed dependent power steering; this is plugged as a user friendly steering system which balances the amount of help given. As the name suggests it responds to how fast you are travelling and alters to different environments. Which for example, helps in different measures when travelling around town in traffic, or if you have a large stretch of motorway in front of you? The dynamic suspension on the car compliments this making it a smooth and bump free ride on even the smallest of country roads. If you go for the 7 speed multitronics gearbox, you get the best of both worlds. You have the ease of automatic transmission while also still being economical on the fuel.

The roof of course as you would expect is fully automatic at just the touch of a button. Audi claim that you could open the roof when travelling at speeds of as much as 18 MPH. Whereby the steel roof slides and folds effortlessly and quietly. Even the basic 1.8 standard 5 speed is packed with stylish features both on the interior and exterior. The interior features the drivers information system or DIS as Audi like to call it.

The interior of the car is based on sleek styles, with angled line which go towards deflecting the light. This is just as well and pays compliment to the dark leather seating and aluminium. With style being one of the top priorities of the car, all aspects of it are taken into account. This is right down to the single grille in chrome and blue glow coming from the tubular headlights which focus on increasing visibility. These set the car in a class of it`s own, and use gas not electric. The steering wheel is not left out in the fashion stakes along with being fully adjustable it is extremely comfortable and responsive, clad in black leather.

The Audi Cabriolet is designed to meet every conceivable safety situation possible. Active and passive safety features have been specially adapted by Audi, which is claimed to be one of the most secure environments possible. This is helped by not only features on the inside of the car but also the outer. The front passengers along with the driver are given protection by way of full sized airbags which are governed by two stage sensors. This takes into account the speed you are travelling and the type of accident you should be involved in. If the impact comes from the side then protection is in place by way of an energy absorbing brace. A good braking system is of course a huge bonus when it comes to safety measures. The model is not let down with poor braking as it offers a braking system to contend with the cars powerful V6 engine. EPS comes as standard which is an enhanced stability programme which goes towards ensuring that the car stops smoothly and quickly in any situation.

About the Author: Louis Rix is a Director of NetCars, one of the UK’s leading motoring websites. First established in January 2000, it provides car finance, loans and insurance. We also provide an online car search for

Used Audi Cars



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Main Page/Old style

Main Page/Old style
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  • Defect causes total recall of Epipen products in USA
  • Trump “Keeps America Safe” by boosting military budget
  • Trump’s Travel Ban 2.0 Sees Australia Following Suit
  • Trump deports immigrants, creating domestic and international chaos
  • Michael Flynn after immunity in exchange for testimony
  • Sally Fitzgibbons, Tyler Wright, Sage Erickson and Stephanie Gilmore make womens semi-final in Margaret River
  • Over 200 killed, and hundreds more injured in Colombian landslide
  • Turkey conclude Operation Euphrates Sheild in Syria
  • Over 250 people killed in Colombian landslide
  • Koalas in South East Queensland get gas
  • Penelope Fillon charged with misuse of public funds
  • ‘American Gods’ TV series gets an opening credits reveal
  • NSW government to invest $41 million in greyhound racing reform
  • Trump administraion stops disclosing U.S. military information.
  • Sydney academic Chongyi Feng permitted return to Australia
  • Raids on Wollongong businesses seeks to uncover youth exploitation
  • Salim Mehajer arrested over alleged assalt of taxi driver
  • Low THC hemp is almost ready to eat in Australia
  • Colombia landslide death toll climbs to 206.
  • Cyclone Debbie: Death toll and waters continue to rise.
  • Pop-artist James Rosenquist dies aged 83
  • Explosion at Paris fair leaves at least 18 injured
  • Russia; Syria’s saviour and destroyer
  • Australia-wide tribute rides following the death of British cyclist
  • Anti- transgender bus promoting ‘the truth of gender’ is met by protesters in US
  • Rinehart Buys Up Big in the North
  • North Korea Launches Missile, THAAD missile defense system arrives in South Korea
  • BREAKING NEWS: French city, Lille, in lockdown after mass shooting.
  • Investors Push out Homebuyers in Sydney
  • Australia’s ex-Cyclone Debbie aftermath
  • Michael Flynn seeks immuinty in exchange for testimony about Trump administration ties to Russia
  • Trump disregards advice from Exxon Mobil over climate change debate
  • North Carolina repeals ‘Bathroom Bill’ changing the rules around transgender bathroom use
  • Tensions escalate between North Korea and the US
  • Israel approves first west bank settlement in decades
  • Australians’ Call For Drug Law Reform
  • New terror warnings in Petah Tikva. Track of Israeli anti-cultists
  • ????1:0????
  • Australia: Liberal’s proposed changes to 18C of Racial Discrimination Act defeated in Senate
  • Senate killed proposed amendment to Australia’s racial discrimination act 18C
  • Main Page/PrintEd
  • Death of 2 young Ladies
  • Millennials Struggle to Break into Sydney Housing Market
  • BREXIT: Britain triggers article 50
  • India beat Australia to claim Border-Gavaskar Trophy
  • North Queensland Waits Nervously for Cyclone Debbie
  • DerbyTickets,INC
  • Really Existing Life on Earth Come from Outer Space?
  • Definition, Forms, Characteristics and Various Kinds of Galaxies
  • The Vancouver Canucks: A Future in Crisis
  • Hockey
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  • TEST PAGE:Self-publish today
  • Japanese motorcylist Shoya Tomizawa dies aged 19 after crash in San Marino
  • Georgia
  • America
  • Wal-Mart heir John Walton killed in plane crash/Brief
  • Ontario Votes 2007
  • Congo
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  • Football
  • Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announces cooperation between KDE Group and Wikimedia/Brief
  • In depth: XM and Sirius merger
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  • 2007 Big Sky Tournament
  • Punjab
  • Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger, Gargamel, dead at 82/Brief
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  • Cleveland
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  • Huckabee, Obama win Iowa caucuses/Results
  • TSA cuts US airport security screening personnel/Brief
  • Reports surface that Bush will install Bones brother to head up Plame inquiry/Brief
  • ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67/Brief
  • Robin Cook dead after collapsing/Brief
  • Flash floods hit Australia’s eastern coast/Brief
  • Helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills 17/Brief
  • Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114 landing postponed for weather/Brief
  • Space Shuttle Discovery landing cancelled for today/Brief
  • Norway and Denmark conducting observation flights over Belarus and Russia/Brief
  • OhmyNews forum discusses experiences in citizen journalism/Brief
  • Archaeologists find 1.8M-year-old Homo erectus skull/Brief
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  • Football: Kežman goes to Madrid/Brief
  • Russian submarine rescued by Royal Navy/Brief
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  • Rwandan businessmen sentenced for War Crimes/Brief
  • Kurmanbek Bakiev sworn in as president of Kyrgyzstan/Brief
  • U.S. Marines accused of assaulting Australian freed by U.S. military court/Brief
  • Julian McGauran makes rude gesture to Australian Senate/Brief
  • Lukashenko accuses foreign donators of ideological expansion/Brief
  • Maciej Zurawski accepts Celtic’s offer/Brief
  • Actor John Fiedler, voice of Piglet and “Bob Newhart” regular, dead at 80/Brief
  • Bodies found at crash site of US helicopter in Afghanistan/Brief
  • Israeli soldier convicted in killing of British activist in Gaza Strip/Brief
  • New Zealand’s South Island and southern North Island struck by storms/Brief
  • Babies on U.S. no-fly lists holding up passengers/Brief
  • Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court rules against file swapping companies/Brief
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  • Larson B ice-shelf collapse reveals exotic organisms isolated for 10,000 years/Brief
  • Brazil wins Confederations Cup/Brief
  • Plane carrying 160 crashes in Venezuela/Brief
  • France secures site for 10 billion euro nuclear fusion research project/Brief
  • Shelby Foote, 88, noted historian and author, dies/Brief
  • Undercover investigation into protests planned for July’s G8 summit/Brief
  • Australian Foreign Affairs Minister denies knowledge of Guantanamo abuse allegations/brief
  • US helicopter with 17 on board believed to have been shot down in Afghanistan/Brief
  • Sharapova knocked out of Wimbledon 2005 in semi-final/Brief
  • Cypriot plane with 121 on board crashes in Greece, no passengers survive/Brief
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  • Taliban resurgent in Pakistan on enforcement of Sharia law/Interview archive
  • Wikinews interviews specialists on China, Iran, Russia support for al-Assad/fr
  • Plane crashes into office block in Austin, Texas/suicide note
  • 2007 National Invitation Tournament Brackets
  • Lemoine Suggests: investigations from a Wikimedia Foundation news leak/Email Sue Gardner January 7, 2008 7:53:44 PM PST

  • Australian man jumps to his death at Bangkok Airport
  • Refugee processing for US-Australian resettlement deal to begin this month
  • Australian release of Beauty and the Beast
  • Experts say millions of Australians are missing out on vital vaccinations
  • New tactics needed to combat the war on drugs
  • Diverted Profits Tax Passed
  • Damage is done, Perth freight link gone but not forgotten
  • UK landlord refuses to rent to ‘coloured people’ due to ‘the smell of curry’
  • Three men arrested in Australia over $100 million international ice drug bust
  • FDA approves first ever drug that treats severe multiple sclerosis
  • Bodies found in Democratic Republic of Congo confirmed as missing UN officials and interpreter
  • Britain files Article 50 to leave the European Union
  • Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che detained in China
  • Critically endangered tiger species discovered breeding in eastern Thailand
  • Queensland prepares for aftermath of ex-Cyclone Debbie
  • Ben Cousins to spend a year behind bars
  • Global disagreements as US boycotts ban on nuclear arms
  • Cricket: India claim Border–Gavaskar Trophy with series win over Australia
  • Largest dinosaur footprint in the world discovered in Australia
  • Tuberculosis hits Sydney
  • The New Apostollic Church suffers from a Nongoloza cult
  • Jared Kushner to face questions regarding links to Russia
  • Growing disenfranchisement with Australian teachers
  • Trump vs world on climate change
  • Stopping global deforestation, technology is the answer
  • Australians encouraged to join the hunt for sightings of the mysterious Planet 9
  • An exceptional martial art Venetian treatise was translated.
  • Donald Trump presses rewind on Obama’s climate change legacy, promising ‘a new era in American energy’
  • Flood crisis in Queensland and NSW continues
  • A conference on religious extremism was held in Rome
  • New discoveries at the Scientific Symposium in Istanbul in the field of Human Memory
  • For the first time ever the technical elements of the Genoese weapon system were being presented
  • Myanmar government warns against UN investigation into human rights abuses
  • Former Trump Advisor Would Testify on Russian Ties, if he’s Granted Immunity
  • Second anniversary of conflict in Yemen marked by protests
  • Today the International Scientific Simposium has started in Istanbul, the topic is: “World Archetypology of results achievement by means of applied history method”
  • Mosul civilian deaths results in coalition to review tactics
  • Australian sailors dragged into US bribery scandal
  • South Korean prosecutors seek warrant for Park Geun-hye
  • World’s oldest billionaire David Rockefeller dies at 101
  • China shuts down ivory factories as sales plummet
  • Hong Kong chief executive candidates face off in final election debate
  • Malaysia and the Philippines pledge support for Rohingya in Myanmar
  • Rep. Ted Poe announces resignation after health care reform fallout
  • US and UK ban laptops and tablets in pursuit to reduce terrorism risks on aviation
  • Australia makes medical marijuana legal
  • Tens of thousands of Yemenis protest on 2nd anniversary of Saudi intervention
  • Labour leader Bill Shorten presents bill in parliament to fight Fair Work Ombudsmen Penalty rate cuts
  • Trump administration to appeal block of travel ban
  • London Terror Attack: Five Dead After Terrorist Targets Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament
  • Unvaccinated children denied medical help
  • Child bride concerns spark state inquiry in Australia
  • Sony’s Venom film listed as a horror film
  • Vietnamese suspect in Kim Yong Nam’s assassination was lured by son of North Korean’s ex-envoy
  • 16 wounded, 1 dead after shooting inside Cincinnati Nightclub
  • Cheryl Grimmer to be remembered with plaque at Fairy Meadow beach
  • US Secretary of State says Syrian people to decide Assad’s fate
  • London stages terror operation after attack at Paris airport
  • YouTube’s ‘restricted mode’ censors out LGBTQ+ themed videos
  • Doctor responsible for chemotherapy dosage scandal settles unfair dismissal case with St. Vincent’s Hospital
  • UK Independent Party’s sole member of Parliament quits party
  • Technology and social media fuelling rise of drug use in Australia
  • UN celebrates International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • Former VIC and NSW Premiers Jeff Kennet and Bob Carr launch Australia 21 report in support of drug policy reform
  • Cyclone Debbie wreaking havoc in North Qld
  • Wests Tigers Coach Jason Taylor Sacked
  • Students Gamble Deaths Worldwide Memorial Mass
  • Hong Kong Chief Executive Election: How the City Got Here from the Last Election
  • Sydney’s Housing Crisis Continues
  • Nicolás Cazalla Torrecilla
  • Gmail Expands Free Telephone calls Via 2017
  • Social Media campaign to fly 60 tons of food to Somalia
  • Calls for US troops to be kicked off Philippine soil
  • Terror warnings in Petah Tikva. Bnei Baruch became the target of terrorists
  • MSF removes their support from Ibb Al-Thawra hospital
  • Air Pollution exposure killing our children, Barnet Schools at risk
  • Navdanya welcomes order as Monsanto poses cancer risk
  • Arrest made in 47-year-old cold case
  • Protesters Scale CBA Sydney HQ
  • Australian University launch search to find new Planet
  • Miniature laboratory in space successfully completes experiments
  • North Queenslanders prepare for severe cyclone
  • The Syrian Army successfully liberate the Palmyr region
  • South Australian woman attacked by six men during a break-in
  • Australians recruited in Fat Leonard scandal
  • ISIS 2.0
  • Doctor Dolittle reboot gets release date
  • Meth usage in Australia on the rise
  • Carrie Lam wins Hong Kong chief executive election
  • Thousands storm streets of Yemen in support of rebels as conflict enters its third year
  • Debbie: one of few, but more destructive than those before
  • Pain of Australian detention at Manus Island becomes an Iranian theatrical play
  • Former Labor Minister Found Guilty of Misconduct
  • Man arrested for the murder of Cheryl Grimmer after 47 years
  • Mosul: civilian’s death toll on the rise
  • UK Prime Minister Theresa May starts Brexit process by triggering Article 50
  • Dragons defeat Warriors in Round 4 of the NRL
  • Ethiopian rubbish landslide kills dozens
  • Austria set to reject EU mandatory refugee quota scheme
  • Sydney rain verging on 147-year record
  • US state moves to ban child marriages
  • Terror warnings in Cape Town. Official reason is Nongoloza cult
  • Syrian man killed in Israeli drone strike
  • Sara Connor won’t appeal her four year sentence for the murder of Balinese police officer
  • Wright wins Quicksilver Pro after return from brain injury
  • Head of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency denies climate change
  • UN official under attack over Israel ‘apartheid’ report
  • Know Nebula and Formation Process
  • US-led coalition airstrike kills 200 in Mosul
  • Journalists banned from Malaysia’s parliament lobby
  • New Discoveries in an Extremely Cold Case
  • Four dead, 29 injured after London attack
  • Tasmania’s south coast track is under threat, fears Bob Brown
  • Two-thirds of cancer mutations are due to random DNA copying ‘Mistakes’, study finds
  • Scotland Yard names London attacker
  • Protests over contaminated water continue
  • Terrorist attack on the church in Hobart city. The reason is Nongoloza cult
  • Canadian furries meet in Toronto at Furnal Equinox 2017
  • US-led Coalition Airstrike Kills 200 in Mosul

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2007/08 Bundesliga: Wolfsburg vs. Bayern Munich

2007/08 Bundesliga: Wolfsburg vs. Bayern Munich
April 6th, 2017 in Uncategorized | No Comments

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4, 200817:00 (CEST)
Wolfsburg 0–0 Bayern Munich Volkswagen Arena, Wolfsburg, Lower SaxonyAttendance: 30,000Referee: Herbert Fandel
Šim?nek 26′Džeko 61′Gentner 61′Dejagah 61′Krzynówek 61′Marcelinho 75′Ljuboja 75′ Match Report 46′ Jansen 46′ Lell 53′ Lell 64′ Schweinsteiger 63′ Kroos 69′ van Bommel 73′ Van Buyten 73′ Breno

Bayern Munich won the 2007/08 German championship after a 0-0 against Wolfsburg.

A sell-out crowd at the Volkswagen Arena saw the Wolfsburg control the match against Bayern Munich during the 1st half. The 2nd half was dull for long spells.

With 6 changes were made from the UEFA Cup Semi Final in St. Petersburg. In goal, Michael Rensing replaced Oliver Kahn, Willy Sagnol replaced Philipp Lahm, Daniel van Buyten replaced Lucio, Andreas Ottl and Jose Ernesto Sosa replaced Zé Roberto and Franck Ribery and Lukas Podolski replaced Miroslav Klose.